USA - Canada's Neighbour to the South

Our USA travels have been limited compared to the vast size of the country. Like Canada the landscape and diversity offered by such a beautiful country is extremely different from one region to the next.

We have travelled parts of it together and parts of it alone. Between the two of us we have only visited 12 of the 50 States, and some not for very long or just as a drive through.

A few years ago we did a road-trip from Winnipeg, Canada through the Mid-Western states. Chicago was definitely our favourite city that we visited along the way, although the entire trip was a ton of fun.

We still have many cities, states and parks on our list of places to visit, but for now our continued USA travels are going to have to wait until we return to the Western part of the world.

Is the USA safe to travel?

Overall the USA is very safe to travel, like Canada. In some of the major cities you obviously have to exercise some degree of caution just like you would in any major city worldwide.

The majority of crime is either petty, targeted (not tourists), or pre-meditated. I can’t stress enough that the USA is a very safe country to travel and should be on the list to visit for everyone.

Is the USA expensive to travel?

Like Canada, it can depend on your currency exchange and what state or city you are planning to visit. Obviously New York is going to be leaps and bounds more expensive than say a small town in Oregon or Ohio.

We did find petrol to be quite a bit cheaper there than in Canada even with the lousy exchange rate of the Canadian dollar. Most states we drove through it was on average $3.90/gallon. Keep in mind that speed limits/distances are in miles and volume is measure in gallons not litres.

During our USA travels, food can either be average to pricey depending on your preference. Known as a fast-food nation, fast food is relatively cheap (and everywhere). A standard fast food meal can cost anywhere from $8-12 depending on restaurant and city.

For a sit-down or typical restaurant the prices can vary again. But typically you would be looking at about $10-$15 for a main course meal. Of course, higher end restaurants will be more expensive.

Hotels are about the same price as in Canada (including exchange). Be sure to do research as a motel that you can stay in for $60-$80 a night is not likely recommended. Either cleanliness or neighbourhood will be an issue or both, just like Canada. 

For an average decent hotel outside of a main city centre you can expect it to cost around $130-$200 per night, again this varies greatly due to what city and area.

Overall, the USA is about average for cost of travel compared to Canada. As well, public transport is quite good in the major cities and this is highly recommended for ease of getting around.   

If you have any suggestions or recommendations of posts, we would love to hear from you!!!!