Well.. I’ve been crazy busy settling into a new life in a new city, with a new job, and a new after degree program that I hope to get finished before we move abroad. This post-bac program will help me find teaching positions elsewhere, but it is a lot of work! However, I thought I would share my travel inspiration and what made me think about leaving home and travelling the world.

The Travel Bug.. That just wont let go..

I’ve always had the travel bug. While my family was never in the position of being financially able to afford trips, I have always been intrigued by what else is out there. When I was 25 I flew to New Zealand and Australia with my best friend and we checked out universities, both of us contemplating finishing our schooling elsewhere. My dad wasn’t a Canadian citizen, he was British born and a landed immigrant. Through him, I could get my British Citizenship, but I had to have done it before I was 18, so I missed that boat. (This changed a few years ago and I can once again get my citizenship, it just means finding birth certificates and things).

Three years ago, I started looking at teaching abroad. Teaching jobs have always been in short supply in Canada, and although I had moved to Fort McMurray for new opportunities, I felt the way jobs were offered there wasn’t my way of thinking, so if I hadn’t got a job for the following year, I might have left. Teaching English is a great opportunity, but essentially I would like to teach at an international school. As I am certified in 3 Canadian provinces now, the hope is I will eventually find work at a Canadian curriculum school abroad.

One of my biggest inspirations, however, has been the television show “Departures.” This show is all about 3 Canadian boys who travel the world their way. This is what made the dream a bit more attainable for me. They did it, they saw what they wanted, they had amazing experiences. If they could do it so could I! This show is almost 10 years old now.. but 10 years ago when I started watching it, a recommendation from my mom, it sparked a deeper sense of wanderlust in me. My mom was a couch tourist.. she had so many places she wanted to go see, but no means to do it. She dreamed big and had amazing plans to go see the world and road trip in an airstream trailer. When she passed away 6 years ago it ignited an even deeper need to travel the world in me, to do it for her. The problem was, I was always in a relationship with somebody who could never see themselves leaving Canada. Sometimes it was with people who had no desire to even go on short trips, sometimes it was with people who felt they were too tied to Canada and couldn’t leave, and sometimes it was with people who couldn’t face change.. or all the above.

And now..

Enter Jamie.. while we have definitely had our ups and downs.. he has the same desire to shed our Canadian ties and explore the entire world. He too has dreams that mean leaving the safety and security of our homeland.. and we now spend our days watching Departures and planning our escape. I’ve probably watched each Departures episode 50 times… it’s constantly on repeat. Partially because we got rid of cable (too expensive, save money!) and partly because it keeps me focused on the dream.. Our next year or two will be focused on building us a strong foundation to which we can leave and explore from, and paying off our debts/putting away money to get out of here. It’s about selling the belongings and getting rid of things we don’t need anymore, it’s about creating methods to make money as well, while we are gone. For me, it is also about learning more about photography so I can take some of the amazing pictures like you see online and in the show.. but most importantly, it’s about making this dream come true, and hopefully inspiring others to follow in our shoes.