Travel Canada, Our Home and Native Land

Travel Canada, our home country which is truly beautiful that boasts a diverse landscape through ten provinces and three territories. Each region of the country has a truly unique and different offering depending on what type of travel style you are looking for.

We are both from the west coast, primarily British Columbia and Alberta, although we did spend our final few years in Manitoba prior to moving abroad. 

We ourselves have not been to nor seen every single province, and the majority of our experiences are on the west coast. We highly recommend anyone to travel Canada, and we are biased towards the West Coast.

Is it Expensive to Travel Canada?

Travel in Canada can be considered expensive, at least depending on your currency exchange. Flying from one end of the country to the other can cost as much or more than an international flight alone.

This is primarily due to the lack of low cost carriers, and low population density. We did the majority of our travel as roadtrips. With 2-4 people, this was more economical even though gas can cost anywhere from $1.14-$1.50/litre.

Hotels can vary greatly depending on province, city and time of year. In major cities a basic/decent hotel will cost approximately $150-$250 per night. Budget hotels can sometimes be found for around or under $100 (but I highly discourage this due to a rough neighbourhood and cleanliness).

Food at grocery stores is continually getting more and more expensive. This is largely due to us having to import the majority of produce, especially during the winter months. A meal out at an average restaurant will cost roughly $15-$20 for a main course. 

If you have any suggestions or requests of posts or information about Canada we would love to hear from you