Why a Teaching Blog Section?

The Teaching blog section will be directed more towards teachers rather than travel. However, we feel it is relevant to have on our site as her career is what has allowed us to move abroad and travel extensively throughout South East Asia.

There is potential for a variety of knowledge based posts, as well as posts about teaching abroad. She can attest that teaching abroad as rewarding as it is, is quite different than back in Canada.

With the majority of time focused on work, and her side hobby of creating resources for Teachers Pay Teachers, the teaching blog will only be updated with new posts when she has spare time.

For any of you who may be fellow teachers, and know about Teachers Pay Teachers, you can check out her page here.

Teaching - A Lifelong Passion for Education

Jessie is an accredited and certified teacher from Canada, she has always wanted to expand her horizon by teaching abroad. Her disciplines and passion for the job, and industry allow her to be very successful and determined on the type of educator she has become. 

She has a passion for educating the children of our future whether it was back home in Canada or abroad in SEA. Jessie always seems to be enrolled in a course, or program of some sort as she continues to learn so she can become an even better educator than she currently is.

Her next upcoming course load is PYP/MYP programs as these are a major focus at the majority of International schools. These courses will then be applied to her obtaining a Master’s in Education.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for her to write about, we would love to hear from you!!!