South East Asia - Our Home Away from Home

So we currently call South East Asia our home away from home. We are living in Malaysia to be more specific which is a highly underrated country.

We have focused the majority of our recent travels around the region as it is vast and very diverse. It is also extremely cheap for us to travel in around the area and we have fallen in love with it.

There are still many countries for us to visit, and still many locations left for us to visit for the countries we have already been. This is just a small snapshot of our recent travels, and have much more coming.

Why South East Asia?

We chose South East Asia as our first region to live abroad due to the tropical climate and low cost of living. Jessie is able to land a job that allows us to have more financial freedom along with being in a region known for having a low cost of living.

South East Asia is also strategically located for travel. If we were still living in Canada, there is no way we could have visited the number of countries and places we have been to so far.

Malaysia has been an easy transition abroad for us, as it is very progressive and welcoming. We were able to make an easy decision on Malaysia, because Jessie had a friend who lived in KL (Kuala Lumpur) for five years, therefore we got plenty of good information on what the quality of life would present.

We have fallen in love with Malaysia, and SEA as a whole. We want to be here for a number of years, but really I guess it is just wait and see where life decides to take us.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations for posts we would love to hear from you!!!