Mexico and Central America, a Land of Colorful Culture

Mexico and Central America are such beautiful and amazing places. We have both been to Puerto Vallarta and the Riviera Maya in Mexico. This was before we were together, so we both had very different experiences.

However, they were resort experiences, so we feel we need to return together so we can explore the vast diversity the country has to offer. We have also been to Cuba, which was also a resort experience. So, another good excuse to return to the beautiful Caribbean country.

For Central America we have only been to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. These are both very different countries and unique to each other. We did not get to spend near the amount of time we wanted to in either country, and have so much left to see.

We do have long term goals to return to Mexico and Central America or even South America as Expats. These are some of the experiences we had in Cuba, Mexico and Central America 

Why Mexico and Central America or South America as Expats?

As you have probably gathered by now, we aren’t too fond of the cold weather Canada offered. Mexico and Central America and even parts of South America are typically warm tropical locations and much closer to home than South East Asia.

We have a warm spot in our hearts for the Latin American culture and language. We definitely feel learning Spanish would and will be much easier to learn than say Thai or other South East Asian languages.

With Jessie also being a teacher, she has a passion for educating children. We both feel that this would be something we would love to do in a small community in Latin America.

It definitely would not be about the wage at this point, and more about the experience, knowing we could provide a small group of children with a quality education.

We also feel in the right location that the quality of life, though quite different, will be very relaxed, calm and offer us lifestyle many can only dream of.

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