Inspiration and Tips from our Experiences

We love providing Inspiration for others, especially sharing any tips to save money. We all want more money for travel or other luxuries in life, and we have tried many different things or ways to do this.

Nothing feels better than knowing you were able to inspire someone’s travel or Expat goals. We have a variety of different learnings that we have accumulated over the years whether it be about travel, or saving money for travel.

We want to be able to help others and prevent the mistakes we may have made through life lessons. Tips to save money are just tips, and things that we have done that worked for us. They are not a guaranteed method that works.

Cutting out simple things like cable, and only having Netflix can definitely save money. Really think about how much TV you actually watch, and if it is cable or a streaming service like Netflix. I am sure you can do with one or the other but both is kind of redundant.

I am a strong supporter of Transferwise (not endorsed lol) and similar financial services. I love the fact that my costs to send money abroad is a fraction of a typical bank fee, and I get real live rates, not the padded bank rates.

Sure we spend a good portion of money saved to travel, but we also are smart enough to put some away for a rainy day and retirement. 

How do you get inspired for travel or what are some of your tips for saving money?

If you have any suggestions or recommendations on a topic we would love to hear from you!!!!