Expat Life - Our Experiences

Over a year ago, we moved abroad and have embraced Expat Life, loving every moment of it and the benefits it has provided us. We all have different desires and expectations about what the lifestyle can offer. 

These are our experiences and some of the things we did to make our dream become a reality. We have the ability to provide endless posts about this topic, and will continue to expand the content in this section.

We also know that each country we decide to live in will provide new experiences, opportunities and life lessons. If you think becoming an Expat is for you, we cannot stress enough to do your homework and learn about what country is right for you.

We were lucky, and had a friend who had already been living in Malaysia for the past five years, so we were able to get a ton of insight on whether or not Malaysia was right for us. 

It has been a very simple transition, and we now feel we are ready for countries that are considered a “culture shock” compared to the Western Lifestyle.

We do know there are certain downsides to living abroad, but we have weighed out the pros and cons. For us, the pros currently out-weigh the cons, and this is why we plan on being lifelong expats.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations about posts on Expat Life we would love to hear from you