Expat Life – It’s Finally Happening!

For so many years we’ve dreamed about making the move away from Canada and becoming Expats… and it is finally happening! I put a few feelers out to some Canadian schools abroad. Just South East Asia, because after all of our research, it was the cheapest of places we had found. It helped having an old friend who had made the move over as well. I found a school in Malaysia and a school in Hong Kong and contacted both schools. Within a day or two, both schools had replied to me… to my surprise! (There seems to be high-priced recruiting services that promise they will help you find a job in a year or two, but for me, I did the research myself and got the job faster, and easier. So if you are a teacher also looking to make the jump to international school teaching, I suggest picking the areas you are looking to move to, and finding a few schools and sending them a message with your CV. Use the recruiters as your last resort and save yourself the $2-300).

Where are we going?

Here We Come Expat Life! 1
Pic from Secret Flying

Hello Malaysia! Yeah! Malaysia, you know that country that finds itself between Thailand and Singapore? The tropical oasis and beauty you see floating around South East Asia? That’s the one! I don’t think it is on many people’s radars, but let me tell you a few reasons why you should think about it if you are looking to move (especially as a teacher!).

  1. High expat population – it’s a big up and comer.. Malaysia, so hot now! It is one of those countries that is making huge efforts to bring people in and compete on the global scale.
  2. Primarily English-speaking – so much so that English is an official language. While I do not recommend not learning the local language, my friend who has been there for 5 years said he knows about 6 words. You can easily get by if you are language learning challenged.
  3. Relatively low-cost of living compared to North America – we can survive and live pretty large from one salary. Meaning the second one, is just travel money.
  4. Malaysia is the cheapest place to fly from in the world – Yes you heard that right! Apparently it is cheap… like think round trip flights to Bali or Thailand for $100. Have you checked out Bali lately? You can stay in ridiculous resorts with infinity pools for super cheap!
  5. New & Beautiful housing for decent prices – Most of the expat areas are brand new and well-appointed. You can easily get a beautiful house that has never been lived in for around $6-800 Canadian.
  6. Extremely safe – compared to what we are used to hearing in Canada and the US. It is just minor petty crimes.. watch your belongings, be safe and aware of your surroundings.
  7. Its South East Asia… enough said!

Anybody thinking about going there? Send us a message! Or stay tuned for the blogs that are sure to happen once we are exploring South East Asia..

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Wow! Enjoy expat life!
I’m currently in South Korea living as an expat and it’s great! Malaysia sounds so fun! I want to try out Hong Kong too, my family are from there.

Can’t wait for expat updates :)!!

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Thanks Kelly!! How long have you been in South Korea? We are pretty excited for it.. any tips?! Lol total newbies here!