About Us - Couple of Canadian Expats

Canadian Expats Jamie and Jessie

Thanks for checking us out!! We are Jamie and Jessie, a couple of Canadian Expats currently living in Malaysia.

Jessie is a teacher, and she has given us the opportunity to recently become first time Expats. We have taken a risk and sold everything we own (with the exception of a few boxes left in Canada). Seeing the world is a dream for us both, and this is the beginning of new learnings, experiences and adventures.

Jamie is currently working on school for Web Development/Design, and maintaining the site while doing other studies as well. Having the ability to work anywhere in the world will help make our dream of travel become a constant reality.

We have also recently become PADI Advanced open water certified and have a love for diving. We cannot wait to explore South East Asia and the world both on land and in the water

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Why did we create a Website?

This is also a way for us to document our experiences, sharing them with you as well a form of a diary for us to remember everything we do.

We have been inspired by many to take this life altering plunge, and would like to inspire others to follow their dreams also, even if it is not travel.

We haven’t travelled a crazy amount yet compared to many out there, but things are about to change.

We will provide honest experiences and if we did not like a location we are not going to sugar coat the blog to make things seems all peachy.

Why He Travels She Travels?

We travel together, but see the world differently. 

We have different perspectives, and although at times we may cover the same subject or location, we can assure you it will be a different view from us both. 

We know there are many travel couples out there also, and have not seen something like this so we thought it was unique and will take things as they come.

Leave us some comments, feedback or reach out to us if you have any suggestions or ideas.

We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions or anything else you want to reach out to us for