What it is:

Ever feel like a hoarder? Like you have too much stuff? We sure do… so we decided to do a 30 day purge. Meaning that we choose one item a day to sell, give away, or trash. The idea behind this is that we hope to soon be leaving Canada to become Expats somewhere else in the world (probably SE Asia). We have far too much stuff that we have accumulated over the past few years! It seems that in the Western world, we tend to be so materialistic and we want, what we want, when we want it! There are so many impulse purchases, or things that we needed to have that are just gathering dust in our basement. This is like a spring clean of sorts.. we hope to inspire others to do the same and join us on our 30 day purge. Note: This is not like the movie “The Purge” so no killing or harming people, just get rid of your clutter!

We know we will only be taking very minimal stuff with us when we leave, the rest will go into storage, probably at Jamie’s parents house. With the exception of pictures and mementos from my parents who have passed on, there isn’t much we plan to take other than some necessary tech (Macbook, Camera, Phones etc) and clothing. However, we can buy new clothing wherever we end up!

How to accomplish it:

You decide! For us, we are going to trash some things because they aren’t even worth trying to sell. Then we will either donate some stuff to charity or through the app Let Go, and the rest we will post on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups, Kijiji, or Let Go.. or all 3! We will be documenting our Purge on social media and by updating this post to let you know how it is going. The idea is to sell some things we no longer need to add to our “Expat Fund.”

You can even tag us on instagram or Twitter and share what you have going on! Lets all motivate each other to get rid of the junk!

Day 1:

Today.. Day 1. I started planning out what to get rid of when. First up.. a Kettle, exactly like the following one, that I gave away for free on Let Go. After looking though, I kind of realized I maybe should have asked for a few bucks seeing its worth about $20! Lesson learned.. even a dollar here or there helps in the grand scheme of things! Honestly, just let it go to the first person that messaged me on there.. which only took about 10 minutes. People LOVE free stuff! (We also love free stuff haha). Waiting on pick-up but we just put it outside our door and gave the address. It’s free, you can come get it yourself! (Plus we have two large Great Danes.. don’t need to worry too much about security around here!).

Day 2:

A Cheshire cat onesie – posted for $5 but I honestly might just give it away.. I’ve never actually worn it and it was a present from an ex. Hah

Day 3:

Listed 12 articles as a package on a Facebook group for $30 – no bites yet! Stay tuned. If they don’t go, they will be donated to a women’s shelter.

Day 4:

A very nice blouse – with rainbow feathers on it. I wish it still fit. But boobs. Lol. Pic to come later.. not of my boobs, of the shirt!