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We are Jamie and Jessie from Canada, currently travelling expats living abroad in Malaysia. We have been expats for two years and are loving our travels throughout South East Asia. Follow along on our journey and goal to help inspire others


About He Travels She Travels

Welcome to He Travels She Travels. We are Expats with a passion for travel. Currently we are living in Malaysia, and soon moving to Thailand.
We have a true love for diving, and most of our recent travels revolve around this love. It has allowed us to travel to some of the most amazing tropcial countries and Islands.
We plan to begin providing Dive suggestions to the places we have been, as well we will be putting together guides for becoming expats in Malasia and Thailand.
Our goal is to give you some ideas and inspiration of where to visit, stay and travel…..and even dive.
Our passion and love for travel has been the primary reason why we became expats, as travel is extremely expensive from Canada.
We would love for you to follow us along on our journey as we share our views and new experiences.

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